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Welcome to Secure Alarm Traders,
Secure Alarm Traders, also popularly known as SAT, is a national representation and special interest group established for the business practitioners of security technology related products and services. Focusing on the interests of growing security technology industry of Nepal, SAT advocates for a “Healthy Security Market Growth” that promotes innovation, competition and increased security of the nation at large. SAT has also been active on issues such as standardization of security trainings, uniformity of security business practices, healthy competition among its members, and due recognition of non-governmental security workforce. 
SAT welcomes you to its website. We hope you will enjoy being around. Thank you for visiting our website.
The security products listed below can be ordered. We rotate your orders turn by turn to our customers and will also ensure you savings through reduction in market price. In fact, this is the only forum that shall guarantee you security products in reduced prices. You could as well send your orders for items not listed here. For them, we shall be able to send you a price quote as soon as possible.